February 14, 2019: Day 75 – Daniel 5

Ask and you shall receive, but be careful for what you ask.  Once again a king is in need of Daniel’s interpretive gifts because of a troubling vision that he had.  The queen reminds the king about Daniel, and how Daniel had helped his father.  This king was the son of the one who had gone crazy but then came around to worshiping the Lord.  Remember  the guy who ate grass?  Daniel reminds him of this past and tells the current king that he is actually worse than his father and the dream that he had predicted his death.

The king celebrates Daniel’s interpretation and then dies the next day just as Daniel had predicted.  Not sure why the whole celebration took place, because after all Daniel had told the king that he was doomed.  But it does remind me about the need that we each have to remember our past and to be sure that we do not repeat it.  There is a tendency for us to want to block out our past especially if it is painful and not one that we want to remember.  But we have to remember the lessons that we learn when they are painful so that we do not repeat them and so that we do not continue in the sins of our fathers and our mothers.  This king forgot that lesson.  Hopefully we can remember it.

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