April 16, 2018: Day 2 – Exodus 2

Chapter 2 of Exodus takes us on a fast paced journey through Moses’ life.  We heard about the historical framework in which the people of Israel were  living.  They were slaves.  They were to have their boys killed upon birth.  We then hear about the story of Moses.  His father is a Levite priest, so a man of the cloth, a pastor.  His mom is a pastor’s kid, also a Levite.  Once Moses is born a plan is hatched and it is carried out to completion.  Moses is put into a basket and placed in the Nile with sis watching the whole time.  

God prepares Moses and places him in the position where all he has to do is listen to His will and follow along, and then things will work out the way that God has planned.  But then Moses wants to take things into his own hands by punishing an Egyptian for hurting one of his people.  He actually kills the Egyptian and as a result becomes a persona non grata for Pharaoh.  It is an important reminder that God has things under control and He is moving things so that His people will be able to go into the promised land.   But Moses tries to take matters into his own hands, as if he knows better than God.  

It is interesting that these verses end with God remembering the people of Israel, taking notice of them, and remembering the promises that God made with the people of Israel.  It is nice to know that God remembers us.  

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