August 12, 2022: Day 172 – Ezekiel 1-5 and Psalm 60

We begin a new book of the Bible in Ezekiel.  He finds himself with those who have been taken captive to Babylon with king Jehoiachin from Judah.  He is given words to speak both to Judah and Israel.  We would call this type of writing somewhat apocryphal, and maybe even apocalyptic.  There is a lot of imagery out there with the faces of animals and the wheels.  He is given tasks to perform that are used as object lessons such as sleeping on his side for days at end to signify the sin of both Israel and Judah.  

Notice that God gave him, literally, the words to speak from a scroll.  He was given that scroll to eat so that it would be a part of him and so that there would be no mistake as to what he was supposed to say.  Again, Ezekiel, following the school of thought of Jeremiah, was speaking out against the sin of the people of God.  We see the same in Psalm 60 to begin but then it transitions to the sure delivery of the Lord.

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