November 9, 2020: Day 79 – Ezekiel 27

Another description of the destruction of Tyre is found in chapter 27.  Here we find all of the allies of Tyre, who worked closely with her in order to provide for her those things which the city needed to survive and prosper.  So you have Senir who provided planks for their boats, Lebanon who provided masts for their ships, oars from Bashan, decks from Cyprus, the sail from Egypt, awnings from Elishah, rowers from Sidon and Arvad, pilots from Zemer, the caulkers of the seams were the elders of Gebal, and the list goes on and on.  Tyre was not a lone ranger.  Tyre was surrounded by allies who helped her to get where she was.  It does not state that they will be harmed even in the destruction of Tyre, although we do hear that they grieved and were appalled by the destruction of Tyre.

The destruction of not only a powerful city but a well liked and well connected city with those around it is tragic.  It would be one thing if they were disliked, but they were liked.  They worked closely with their neighbors.  Isn’t it interesting how the demise of someone who is loved seems to be more of a tragedy than the death of someone who is either an  unknown or not loved at all?  God certainly grieves the loss of all people equally.  Even though, ironically, it is God who brings about the destruction of Tyre in this example.

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