April 5, 2022: Day 73 – II Samuel 6-10 and Psalm 20 and 21

David continues to enjoy his success and decides that it is time that the ark of the covenant, which is considered the presence of God, should be brought into Jerusalem for its permanent home.  Remember, Jerusalem is also David’s permanent home.  As they are transporting the ark someone touches it to prevent it from falling over after the oxen have stumbled, and that person is killed by God.   Well, David is furious and decides that the ark is staying right where it is.  No way am I going to have this thing in my city when it is fickle enough to kill the very people who are helping it along in its journey.

Some months pass and the person’s home where it is being stored is blessed extravagantly.  David changes his mind and realizes that maybe he should bring it to Jerusalem, just in case that blessing might bleed over onto him.  David then experiences one military victory after another.  He is settled in his city and has everything that he needs.  He wonders if there are any other of Saul’s family around and finds out that there is a lame son.  He brings Mephibosheth, the lame son of Saul, into his house and gives him land and allows him to eat at this table.  We come full circle and this serves as a way to ensure that the anointed one of the Lord does not have his family forgotten.  He would love that the same thing would happen to him.

We then transition to the psalms and we find psalms of praise emanating from David which have a kingly tone to them.  We find the statement: God save the king!  in 20:9 which is used to this day.

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