August 20, 2022: Day 179 – Ezekiel 36-40 and Psalm 65

There are some chapters in this section that we would do well to remember.  The first is chapter 36 which speaks of a new covenant that God has made with us in Jesus Christ.  Now, let’s be clear, Jesus is never mentioned, but the new covenant is mentioned.  We know that the new covenant came with Christ.  Listen to some of the characteristics of this covenant starting at vs.26: I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you…

That is followed up with the vision of the valley of dry bones that show that one day God will renew the people of Israel and will take them out of captivity and slavery into a full life.  Both of these chapters are probably the most memorable ones in all of Ezekiel, so we would do well to know them, even if that means reading them again.  

Psalm 65 depicts a God who loves us so much that he not only nourishes us but also nourishes the land and the animals where we live.  That sounds  lot like Lancaster county.  We are definitely blessed here in so many ways.

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