August 18, 2018: Day 7 – Job 7

Job’s words remind me of Psalm 137.  If you read through the entire Psalm then you can tell the agony of the author which takes him to the place where he wishes that the children of his persecutors would be dashed against the rocks.  That is brutal, that is tragic, that is raw.  Job is facing a rawness which very few of us face.

Look at vs.13 until the end and you hear Job say that he is absolutely miserable, to the point of death.  He even seems to almost chastise God by asking him to turn away and not even pay attention to him for a while so that he can get a breather.  He accuses God of making Job His target.  He accuses  God that Job has become a burden to him.

We hear his words and we say that Job is really exaggerating.  How could someone say such a thing?  But don’t we also say similar things about God ourselves?  

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