Day 56 – November 13, 2023: Joshua 19-21 and Acts 19-21

We come to the conclusion of the dispersement of the land in Joshua. But we still have a few chapters to bring everything to a close. But look at the final words of Joshua 21 where we read that all of the promises that the Lord made to the people of Israel came to fruition. There is nothing in God’s Word that does not come to fruition, it all happens as God has said.

When we get to Acts we read again about Paul’s journeys with his companions and we read a few times where Paul is captured and beaten with rods, stoned, and dragged out into the marketplace to be attacked. He certainly is a lightning rod with the Jews not wanting him anywhere near a synagogue because of his teachings. Paul becomes a clear persona non grata to the Jewish community because of how he is drawing people to Christ through his words and through his logic.

We get to a bit of a climax in chapter 21 where is Paul is beaten, and then arrested, and then asks to be able to address the crowds. He doesn’t address the crowds until chapter 22. But here we find the beginning of the end for Paul as he is about to make his journey to Rome once he declares himself a Roman citizen. But that comes later.

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