Day 57 – November 14, 2023: Joshua 22-24 and Acts 22-24

We come to the end of the life of Joshua, but not before a little controversy arises. The two and a half tribes that were given permission to settle on the western side of the Jordan built an altar on the eastern side which looked a lot like the replica of the altar that God commanded the Israelites to build for him. So it seemed as if they were building a fake to offer sacrifices which would have been a serious breach of trust in the Lord. Israel gathers up their troops to start a civil war against the two and a half tribes but things get sorted out. It wasn’t meant for a sacrifice, it was meant for a reminder. Whew, all is good.

Joshua then requires the Israelites to renew their covenant and they do and so he dies. Not a bad run for Joshua.

In Acts Paul is in prison and preaches to the high priest and those who had arrested him. He is about to be flogged to see what else they could get out of him when he appeals to Rome since he is a Roman citizen. So, back then if you were a Roman citizen you could not be mistreated until you were proven guilty of something. Kinda like today where if you are an immigrant trying to get into this country your rights are very, very limited as opposed to a citizen of this country who can’t be deported and enjoys certain priviledges which folks who are not citizens simply don’t have.

I noticed that the son of Paul’s sister makes an appearance. I had never noticed before that it was he who heard that there was a plot to kill Paul and he is able to save Paul as a result. I knew that Paul was saved, but had missed the detail that it was his nephew who saved him. It is obvious, and Paul says as much, that this was Paul’s hometown. Paul knew the people of Jerusalem and they knew him. He then meets before a bunch of high level officials and never hesitates to preach the Gospel to them. We leave him languishing in jail, similar to the Israelites once Joseph dies. The story goes on.

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