March 18, 2017: Day 77 – Psalm 77

My mind is focused upon what I’m going to be sharing tomorrow in church so it is hard to get away from the message of claiming our faith as our own.  In the first 10 verses of this psalm you have the author lay out reasons for why he is struggling with his faith.  He can’t sleep, he calls upon the Lord and doesn’t hear an answer, his doubts start to rise up.  

But then in vs.11 we see that he remembers the deeds of the Lord.  Hosea is frustrated in chapter 6 because of the fickleness of the faith of the people of God.  While the faithfulness of the Lord is never ending, our faith is like the dew in the morning.  Once it feels a little heat then it burns off.  the rest of the psalm is a recognition that God is the man.  It takes us a few verses in our life to sometimes get to the point where we recognize that God is the man.  We have sleepless nights and times when we wonder where God is and if the Lord will spurn us forever.  

Once we build up enough experiences and begin to trust completely that God’s faithfulness will never, ever disappear, then we can look toward the future without fear.

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