April 8, 2017: Day 98 – Psalm 98

It is fitting that tomorrow is Palm Sunday because Palm Sunday, next to Easter and Christmas, is one of the biggest celebrations in the Christian calendar.  The author of this Psalm guides us on a journey of musical delight as we find before us a whole slew of instruments which are recommended for usage in order to praise the Lord.  We find listed the harp and the lyre.  We see the drums roar with the sea and the clapping of hands.  We see the horn and the voices lifted up in singing.  There is a real choir present in the all of God’s creation and it is being used in order to praise the Lord.

I like the first verse of this psalm.  It states: Sing to the Lord a new song.  There is nothing like an oldy but goody when it comes to hymns to lift up the congregation’s voice and spirit.  When we try to introduce a new song, well, it kind of falls flat.  So what is God thinking when he says sing to the Lord a new song?  I’m sure it has to do with a celebration that is not the same as usual.  This is something special that God has done for us so we will prepare him something new and something that hasn’t been used on anyone else.  

Sing a new song means treat God as if he is the one and only.  Because He is.

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