May 12, 2021: Day 67 – II Chronicles 34

The more things change the more they stay the same.  Josiah is an awesome king.  He does not turn from the left or the right from following God.  He eliminates all the idols, all the people who were worshipping the idols, and all the places where the idols were worshipped.  He spends money in order to get the temple back up to snuff and in a state where people are able to understand that this is now our priority.  We are the people of God and this is where we have to place our trust and our priorities.

Doesn’t this event remind us of our daily lives over time?  We forget often what God can do for us.  We fall back into thinking that we have to do all things for ourselves.  We then have an awakening, we put things back in order, God takes over again, and then something happens, or just life and time happens, and we forget again.  It isn’t necessarily a conscious decision on our part to turn our back on God, we just find ourselves as time marches on in a position where we realize that God is very, very distant from us.  Time for a revival.

Josiah is that king who brings the people of Israel to a revival.  He tears his clothes when he hears the newly discovered book of the law because he is able to see how far they have gotten from the Word of God.  He requires the people to turn to the Lord if they are going to be citizens of the Judah.  All of his days he does not turn away from God.

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