January 5, 2019: Day 35 – Isaiah 31

This Scripture speaks out strongly against any who might rely upon the strength or wisdom of anyone or anything that is not directly associated with the Lord.  He starts out by calling out the Egyptians and those who might have a crush of them because of their many horses or chariots or horsemen, who happen to be very strong.  You can look to them for help, but they will be helpless if you do not consul the Lord first and foremost.  We are not told to turn our back on these military figures, but rather do not rely upon them against the presence of the Lord.  Rely upon the presence of the Lord and then see if the Lord requires or wants you to pursue that military might as something that you ought to have as well.

If armies were looking to go against the people of the Lord they may have all the power and strength in the world, but if they do not have the presence or the power of the Lord, then they will be helpless.  Because in the end, as vs.5 tells us: “The Lord of hosts will protect Jerusalem, he will protect and deliver it, he will spare and rescue it.”  

The same is true of the cursed enemy the Assyrian.  When they come to conquer: “Then the Assyrian shall fall by a sword, not of mortals.”  So God will come and intervene very, very directly.  It would be nice to see the presence of the Lord in a very direct way where God is intervening in our problems in a very direct way.  But God does, we just don’t see it.  God intervenes but we rarely give Him the credit, we would rather give Him the blame for our troubles and take the credit for our successes.  

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