March 29, 2022: Day 67 – I Samuel 6-10 and Psalm 150

The people of Israel had always asked for a king.  We find Samuel is described as a judge and his sons also were appointed judges as he got older.  There is a striking parallel between Samuel and Eli.  While Samuel is a priest, he is also the one who leads the Israelites to conquer the Philistines and take over those territories that they had taken over.  The tide shifts once Samuel takes the reigns and God continues to reveal Himself powerful and continues to fulfill the promises of the promised land.

But like Eli, as Samuel gets old and once he puts his kids in power they turn away from him and just look out after their own good.  They extort and they take bribes and they do things which are pretty common in the rest of the world today and that takes place in a regular basis.  But both Samuel and the Lord are unhappy with the situation.  The people of Israel ask for a king, and the Lord tells Samuel to get them a king.

Saul, after a series of events, is chosen as king, even if they had to find him in the luggage where he was hiding.  He is anointed king by Samuel and then he goes home.  A bit of a dénouement, but that is what we read.  I think we are just getting set up for when Saul goes into battle.  

Psalm 150 is one of my favorite Psalms and it is the one that I use to describe worship as being the most important thing that we do as church.  Everything else, all the other programs and all the other events that we take part in has to revolve around worship.  

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