April 8, 2020: Day 67 – II Kings 9

I have always said that violence begets violence.  We find Elisha who takes the leading role in deciding who is going to be the king over Israel, which then also has an impact on who is going to be the king in Judah.  He tells one of his minions (read a member of the company of prophets) to go to the north and anoint one of the commanders of the north as the king of Israel.  Then when you do that run away as quickly as you can.

So this member of the company of prophets (read minion) goes to Israel and calls out the commander and anoints him with oil.  Remember, this is a tradition that goes all the way back to Saul who was anointed king of Israel, the united kingdom, by Samuel, and then David who was also anointed king of Israel by Samuel, and Solomon was anointed by the priest Zadok.   Here, instead, the king of Israel is anointed king covertly by a minion and not by the head of the priestly class which would have been Elisha.  Elisha could never have gotten close to Jehu because he was known and also kind of a wanted, despised man.

As a result Jehu takes the reigns and kills the current king of both the north and the south so that things are completely shaken up.  The queen mother, Jezebel, is thrown off the wall even while she was wearing her makeup and all dolled up.  Look at vs.30.  So we find that all the prophecies come true which the prophets had foretold.  Jezebel would die and would not be buried but rather would be eaten by the dogs, that is except for her skull, her feet, and her palms.  That is a bit random.

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