October 23, 2017: Day 64 – Revelation 9

I can’t really say much about this chapter except I don’t like locusts.  We see locusts as one of the most dreaded enemies of the Israelites throughout Scripture.  We find them in Exodus 10, Judges 6 and 7, Jeremiah 46, and Joel 2.  Interestingly we find them also mentioned in the New Testament, but as a delicacy that John the Baptism loved to eat.  They were considered “clean” and able to be eaten by the Israelites even when they were in the wilderness.  

But here in Revelation we find the locusts as beasts like horses who just plain hurt and torture.  The Romans were known for their chariot troops, as were the Egyptians, and they were truly feared.  Maybe this is what the locusts were about in Revelation.

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