October 24, 2017, Day 65 – Revelation 10

The sweetness and bitterness of God’s Word is depicted in this chapter.  It is similar to saying that God’s Word is like a two edged sword.  We find that imagery in Hebrews 4:12 where we see that God’s Word is like a two edged sword that cuts to the marrow.  But here we read about the sweetness and bitterness of God’s Word.  When we read the Bible we can’t help but think of the sweetness of God’s grace and mercy.  We read about his steadfast love which endures forever it makes us recognize that we serve a loving and forgiving God.  So the sweetness of God’s Word comes from the fact that, well…, it is God’s word.

The bitterness comes from the fact that His Word also contains judgment.  We don’t like to talk about that.  Okay, I don’t like to talk about that.  But it is a reality that we cannot ignore or pretend that it doesn’t exist.  There will be a judgment day and it will not all be roses.  In fact, we are called to become aware that judgment day will be a day that can cause terror.  But the terror should not come because we wonder if we are saved or not.  Yes, we are back to that again.  You are saved in the name of Jesus.  Listen and believe!  But the bitterness does comes from a judgment that is a part of God’s plan.

As you read this devotion mark those places in the Bible that you consider sweet.  But don’t stop there, mark also those places that you consider bitter and not very tasty at all.   I think at the end of the day you will find that the sweetness far outweighs the bitterness.  Praise be to God!

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