November 25, 2019: Day 72 – Zephaniah 3

I told you that there was going to be a chapter of encouragement and a time when God is going to turn around and look for an opportunity to bless.  The change in tone is seen in these words which are found at the end of vs.13 where we read “no one shall make them afraid.”  Isn’t that a part of what all of us want?  There can be an overriding desire in all of us to make sure that we do what we can so that we are not afraid, so that we do not find ourselves making decisions based on fear.  What a relief to hear that we shall not be afraid, at least at some point in our history.

From that things only get better.  We start in vs.14 with a song of joy.  It is a song of joy because as this chapter began with a castigation against Jerusalem, so it ends with things being restored under the watchful and caring hand of God.  So we went from a castigation against Israel in chapter 1, to a castigation against the nations in chapter 2, and now 3 begins with a castigation against Jerusalem.  

If you look at vs.10 you see a reference to what some people say is the scene at the birth of Christ where the wise men offer him gifts.  It is a reference where people from afar bring offerings.  What a great way to finish the chapter.  From destruction and desolation to a song of joy.