March 28, 2022: Day 66 – I Samuel 1-5 and Psalm 8

We can’t ignore the importance of Samuel as he begins his ministry and the state of the priesthood in Israel as he begins his ministry.  Eli was the Levite in charge of the priesthood in Shiloh  and his two sons were coming up after him to take over.  They were obviously corrupt and Scripture describes them as taking food out of the hands of the people and sleeping with the wives of the people of Israel.  They were completely out of control and their hedonistic ways were known to all.  Nothing was hid.

When Samuel comes along we see him gradually winning the respect of the people, but he is not in charge yet.  At the battle against the Philistines both sons die and then Eli himself dies which leaves the way open for Samuel to take over the priesthood just as God had planned.  We have the ark of the covenant taken by the Philistines, but they couldn’t handle it so they decide to give it back.  This sets the stage for Samuel to take over and bring back the priesthood to where God wanted it to be.

Psalm 8 is a beautiful Psalm and I couldn’t describe it any other way except with a song from Amy Grant.

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