March 26, 2022: Day 65 – Song of Solomon 1-8

I tell people that the Song of Solomon is the closest thing we get to an R rating in the Bible.  Wasn’t that interesting?  It is obviously a love song with three voices calling and responding.  You have the Beloved who describes herself in 1:5 as being dark and as a result was insulted and asks why she should hide herself.  There is also the Lover who is the male counterpart who is very descriptive in his love for his beloved.  We then also have the Friends who ask questions and are put to certain tasks like finding the Lover when he disappears.

This consistent call and response is filled with sexual innuendo and covered with love poems that each person tells the other.  There are times when they desire to be together so badly, and yet it seems as if they never quite get there.  Song of Solomon seems to be filled with lost opportunities and passionate desires that never quite seem to be fulfilled.  As you read through it you are cheering on both of them hoping that they would some day, some way, get together.  But it is never quite realized.

Not once is God mentioned in this book of the Bible and you might wonder how it got included.  Like Ecclesiastes it is attributed to Solomon, hence its longer title is the Solomon’s Song of Songs.

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