Day 86 – December 21, 2023: Isaiah 16-20 and Psalm 144

Psalm 144 sets the stage for what we read in Isaiah. The prophet speaks about what will happen to the nations surrounding Israel and Judah (Remember, Israel was the northern kingdom and Judah was the southern kingdom, all of whom were the people of God, they were just divided after Solomon). I find it interesting that these prophecies do not hesitate to give insight into what pagan nations will experience and how those nations ought to act and react. It is not just a word for the people of God, but also for those who may not even believe in God.

Chapter 20 gives us an unfortunate object lesson of Isaiah being commanded to walk around naked for three years, as a symbol of what will happen to Egypt and Ethiopia at the hands of the Assyrians. Meaning, they will be taken out of their land after they are stripped of any significant possessions that they may have, including their clothes off their back. These verses serve as a warning to those who might rely solely upon their ability in warfare, as Psalm 144 states, because even in those skills, or maybe especially in those skills, the plans of God will still overtake you and could mean that you will be found defeated in battle. Better to trust in the Lord with all of your heart and mind and strength, than in your own strength.

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