Day 87 – December 22, 2023: Isaiah 21-25 and Psalm 145

We continue along with our oracles and saying against the surrounding nations and how they will be brought low. The oracle against Tyre is interesting because bemoans the falling of a locality that was well known and was famous for its commerce, but it has been conquered. But like so many of these other oracles, certainly the ones that speak about the fall of Israel and Judah, there is hope in the final verses. Look at vs.17-18 where Tyre will once again be in the game. Even though it is described as a prostitute, it is meant to mean that she, Tyre, will be in the game again.

There are a number of verses here that remind me of the statement that haters are going to hate. Look at chapter 24 where we find a reversal of fortunes from the top to the bottom. There is also a reminder that the earth which was gifted to us back in Genesis in order for us to care for it, in chapter 24 we find that it is laid to waste. I would see this chapter as a very strong message to be careful with how we use the earth because it is the only one that the Lord has given us. When it “lies polluted under its inhabitants” (24:5) then we are at the stage that we might be at the point of no return. Just a word to the wise, like all of Scripture is.

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