Day 85 – December 20, 2023: Isaiah 11-15 and Psalm 143

Isaiah is filled with warnings to the people of Judah, promises of restoration, praise to God for his steadfast love, and warnings to the surrounding nations who have conquered Judah. These chapters are a combination of all of that. Chapter 11 gives us the vision of a peaceful kingdom that will come about once all of this foolishness is over. Once the nations have finished warring, then peace will come and God will establish his throne. But that day has not come yet. Chapter 12 is a series of praises for God’s steadfast love, even in the midst of the slavery of his people. Chapter 13 gives a warning to those invading countries, Babylon specifically, that their hegemony will not last. Chapter 14 promises the restoration of Judah and another warning against Babylon and 15 finishes with a similar warning to Moab.

These are typical chapters in Isaiah which don’t necessarily catch our attention, but are important to put within the context of what is happening during the life of Isaiah. It is a not a great time in the nation and certainly it is not enjoying its prominent status which it once enjoyed. We can see it as a warning.

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