April 4, 2020: Day 63 – II Kings 5

The purported enemies, well at least certainly not allies, of Israel have a king and a commander who is very powerful and very well known.  This commander’s name is Naaman, but Naaman has a problem.  After they have been out robbing and looting and pillaging the Israelites one of the slaves that they picked up from Israel was serving Naaman’s wife.  Now, Naaman had a problem.  He had leprosy which is a bit of a bummer if you are worshiping other gods.  You can still make things work out, but it is quite a nuisance.  Now, if you are an Israelite, which Naaman was not, it would  disqualify you from worshiping God as you ought to.

This servant told Naaman that she knew that there was a man of God in Israel, that would be Elisha, who could heal him, if he was willing to be healed.  The commander asks the king, the king gives the green light and Naaman goes off to meet this man of God with enough booty to satisfy him.  The man of God doesn’t even meet the commander but just tells him to wash in the Jordan and then he should be good to go.  Naaman was furious.  First of all, how dare he not even meet me.  Secondly, how dare he tell me to wash in a second class river when we have the best rivers in the world.  Remember, pride does come before the fall and if we are so intent on how we look in a certain situation then we are going to miss the opportunities for healing and leading our people in the correct direction.  That is a lesson for all times,  including today.

He eventually listens, he washes, he is healed, and, this is key, he is converted to becoming a follower  of the Lord.  He committed himself, which probably also meant his family, to sacrifice  and worship only to the one true God.  Elisha refused to accept anything  for his time and his work.  Which was unusual for prophets.  In fact, it was so unusual that Elisha’s side kick, Gehazi, raced after Naaman wondering if he might have some of the booty which Elisha refused.  Of course Naaman complied, he was healed after all.

When Gehazi gets back Elisha confronts him and the leprosy of Naaman was then transfered to Gehazi and all of his future generations.  I don’t really understand why Gehazi did what he did, but he certainly did pay for it.  

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