December 7, 2019: Day 84 – Zechariah 12

We get a hopeful word today that the Lord will come back and be on the side of Israel once again.  I know, it can make your head spin, but there are some really nice verses here, especially for those who are down and destitute.  The Lord says in vs.3 that Jerusalem will be a heavy stone for those who against it.  Meaning, it will be able to withstand any who come up against it, either by crushing them or being in place and unmovable.  As a result the Lord will give victory to the people of God.

I love vs.8 which describes that “on that day the Lord will shield the inhabitants of Jerusalem so that the feeblest among them on that day shall be like David.”  Then later on in vs.10 we read that God will pour out his spirit of compassion.  You get the sense that God has come back completely on our side, to the point that even the weakest is able to slay Goliath.  This compassion will come as a result of seeing the one that they had pierced.

This should ring a bell for those of us who know someone who was pierced for our sake.  Look at John 19:37 and you will see a direct reference to our Lord.  It is interesting how Zechariah is replete with images and Scriptures which are used consistently in the New Testament by the Gospel writers.  

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