December 17, 2018: Day 16 – Isaiah 12

This chapter marks the end of one section of the book of Isaiah, which means the next chapter, 13, will be the beginning of another section.  This chapter is called a concluding song of thanksgiving.  This is a prophetic futuristic appeal since it begins with: “You will say in that day…”  That day has not arrived yet, but the author fully expects it to arrive.  This is again another wonderful reference to Advent where we expect all things to come to completion on that day.  This is the OT rendition of Paul’s Romans 5:8 which tells us that even while we were yet sinners, still Christ died for us.  Isaiah states: “though you were angry with me…you comforted me.”  

The intersection of the image of water and salvation is one that we can understand through baptism.  As a result we are called to give thanks, we are called to sing praises, we are called to let the earth know of the marvelous deeds of the Lord.  

This post is unrelated but I was looking for a different song and this came up.  It works.

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