September 5, 2018: Day 25 – Job 25

So, what I’m thinking is that maybe, just maybe chapter 24 should have been spoken by Bildad and his ending is found in chapter 25.  It is a very short chapter this 25th one and so it gives you more time to go out in the very, very hot yard and work on your garden.  But, if you are not doing that, then look at how he continues the theme of 24 by speaking about light and dark and the birth of a person, all of these  themes were brought up also in chapter 24.  

So, if chapter 24 is not by Job but by Bildad then we once again have another instance of Job being ganged up on by his friends.  We once again have another instance where in chapter 26 he needs to defend himself.  We once again find ourselves able to commiserate with someone who feels attacked from all sides, including by God, and he has no solution as to why this is happening.  But he perseveres.  He does not lose hope.  He continues to love and serve God even in the midst of this mess.

2 thoughts on “September 5, 2018: Day 25 – Job 25

  1. Kathleen Barge

    When you are going through very bad times and there are very few friends for support it is nice to know that Jesus holds your hand and Gods love is ever present.
    One has to wonder if Job has even one truely good friend? But he continues to love and believe in his God.


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