August 24, 2017 : Day 5 – I Thessalonians 5

Paul begins this chapter with a reminder to the community that Jesus is coming back.  But his point is less about Jesus coming back and more an encouragement for the church to be children of light so that when Jesus does come back he can find them presentable to him.  He uses the metaphor of light and darkness as a representation of people of faith vs. people who do not know God.  He reminds the church that they do not need to be reminded to live in the light, to do that which all people could see and for which they would not be ashamed.  

Look at vs. 8 where Paul speaks about the breastplate of faith and love and a helmet of salvation.  It should remind us of the armor of God which we find in Ephesians 6:14ff.  Paul only points out two different pieces of armor, but they are important.  Faith, love, and salvation are essential for us to understand the love that God has for us and the love that we ought to have for God.


The ending of this chapter has a lot more than we can probably cover today.  It is absolutely full.  Let’s look at it piece by piece and see how far we get.

Vs. 15 should sound familiar…”Go out into the world in peace and repay no one evil for evil”  Does that sound familiar?  It is the benediction that I say every Sunday and much of it is taken from this verse.  

Just read vs.16-28 and check off each of crucial aspects of life that we are called to do, and do well.

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