November 11, 2019: Day 58 – Hosea 3

We find that things had gotten so out of hand with Hosea’s ex that she is now on the block for auction.  Hosea ends up buying his wife back from the auction block for 15 shekels of silver which was half of what Judas was given in order to betray Jesus.  Keep that in mind.  Also, keep in mind that in today’s  value those 15 shekels could be worth around $8,000.  Not a very high price in order to get back your wife, you would think.  But it is still a price and it is still something that should not have had to be done.

There is something in recognizing that God had to pay a price in order to get us back.  That price is seen by Jesus on the cross who gave of his life in order to reclaim us as His children.  We would still be wandering like the wife of Hosea, who knows where we would have ended up, without that sacrifice of our Lord.  

Once he does reclaim her and buy her back, he lays down ground rules this time.  They are ground rules that will not only affect her but also affect him.  No more adultery, no more unfaithfulness, and no more intercourse even with me.  Wait, what?  How come this is part of the deal?  They have every right to be together as husband and wife.  But there was necessary to have a time where things become normalized once again before we dive into all of the pains and pleasures of a marriage relationship.  This transitional period is crucial for any couple who has just experienced a trauma together.  

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