Day 15 – September 21, 2023: Exodus 1-6

We find ourselves in the Scripture of Moses who was born and according to the law of the land he was to be killed. I love to see how the midwives broke the law and refused to kill the boys that were born to Hebrew women. Moses is taken in by the daughter of Pharaoh and eventually nursed by his mom. He then grows up in the house of Pharaoah, but always knew of his heritage and knew from which family he came.

There is still a sense of being Jewish and so he kills the Egyptian who is abusing the Hebrew worker. But people see it and he flees. He falls in love with the daughter of a priest and hopes to live happily ever after until we find ourselves in chapter 3. God meets Moses and commands him to go back to Egypt and liberate his people. His first pass at liberating the people of Israel did not go well. In fact, it backfired and the taskmasters forced the Jews to work in much harsher conditions and pressed their heel against their necks.

We then make our way to where Pharaoh does let the people go, but not before they are persecuted to the point of almost breaking.

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