May 30, 2018: Day 46 – Leviticus 6

There is another transition to describe sins which must have been fairly common within that close knit community as they made their way from Egypt towards the promised land.  The sin which is lifted up is the sin of robbery, or defrauding someone, or taking something which is not yours, even if it is found and not claimed by anyone.  So this speaks out against anyone who would lie or swear falsely against someone for the sake of gaining in some way or shape or fashion.  So the previous chapter began with the sin of inaction, this chapter begins with the sin of action in order to materially bless yourself, by hook and crook.  You have some confessing to do if you are involved in that sin.

The chapter continues after addressing that singular sin to giving the details on how the priest is to perform the sacrifices that are supposed to be given for the people.  Notice in the past chapter that there was a hierarchy of sacrifices which were value neutral.  They went beast-fowl-grain.  Depending on what you could afford those were the sacrifices which you could bring.  Even though we do not have sacrifices today it is of comfort to know that the Lord opens His arms to all those who would come to him, regardless of their position or stature in society.  Praise be to God for that!

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