May 30, 2017: Day 150 – Psalm 150

This was more my style growing up as a teenager.  Probably not the best way to end our 150 day challenge.  I should have something a bit more appropriate and serious.  But this is where we find ourselves.  We find ourselves at the end of 150 days that we agreed to read the psalms and contemplate what God’s message might be for each of us.  We end with a psalm which states simply: “Praise the Lord”.  It is a good ending.

I hope you have enjoyed these 150 days.  That brings us to the end of one 90 Day Challenge, and then another 90 Day Challenge, and now these 150 days.  We have been doing this for 330 days not in continuity, but over these past couple of years.  We will continue until we finish the entire Bible.  I look forward to our next 90 Day Challenge.  I pray that you have not only appreciated the discipline, but grown from it as well.


6 thoughts on “May 30, 2017: Day 150 – Psalm 150

  1. Elisa Neale

    I have enjoyed following this challenge. You’ve reached more than you know. Greetings from the Sunshine state!

  2. Kathy Eisenhauer

    I say “Praise the Lord” that we have the freedom to have the Word of God in our grasp. That we have the ability to not only read the bible, but to discuss our understanding of it in hopes of bettering ourselves and increasing our faith and I “Praise the Lord” that we have Pastor Bob to guide us all though it. Thank You!

  3. carol r

    Thank you, I have learned so much from the Challenges, this one was a long one but well worth the study. I can’t wait to do the whole Bible. Praise the Lord! His love endures forever!

  4. Jim Martz

    Thank you so much for this study of Psalms. I really appreciate the daily insights you have written for each Psalm. I have truly learned a lot. I am so glad my neighbor gave me the booklet to journal in after reading each Psalm.


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