April 28, 2018: Day 14 – Exodus 14

I think we need to begin this day with a picture: Charlton_Heston_th_3126489b What is fascinating to me is the length of time that it took to cross the sea and the length of time it took for the Egyptians to die in the sea.  If you read the Scripture again you will see that there was a stand off between the two camps because God got in the middle of them with a cloud.  As soon as the Israelites began to cross the sea after God had parted it, we read in vs. 22 that the Egyptians pursued them. The parting of the sea is fascinating in and of itself.  I believe it happened.  Notice, that God didn't just make it happen, like when Jesus stills the storm.  Rather, we read that God used a wind to make it happen.  He didn't have to do that.  God could have just made it happen.  But He didn't, He chose to use a wind. It makes sense that the Israelites crossed the sea under the cover of darkness.  What we read is that as the sun came up, they were still trying to cross the Red Sea.  At this morning hour God threw the Egyptians into confusion and clogged up their wheels.  After this is when we read that the Israelites cross over safely.  The Egyptians are getting the feeling that something is up, and begin to question whether it is wise or not to pursue the Israelites.  I'm guessing they decide to turn back, but since they are all gummed up they aren't able to escape in time before the water crashes back in on them tossing them into the sea.   We finish this chapter with a sigh of relief.  We read in vs. 31 that the people saw the great work that the Lord had done so they believed God and His servant Moses.  Well, it is about time!
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