May 4, 2021: Day 59 – II Chronicles 26

It is neat to see the overlap of the prophets with these kings.  We find both Zechariah and Isaiah mentioned in this chapter, and they are prophets that we know and with whom we are familiar.  So Uzziah takes over for his father after his father was killed.  He begins his rule when he is 16.  Can you imagine the US with a president who is 16 years old?  We read in vs.4 that he did what was right in the sight of the Lord.  The reason for this is because Zechariah was guiding and directing him in the way of the Lord.  God makes him prosper as long as he seeks the Lord.

We read about his military conquests and of his rebuilding of the walls and the towers and the cisterns and all of the success that he has.  But then over time we read in vs. 16 that when he became strong he became proud.  This pride manifested itself by going into the temple and thinking that he didn’t need the presence of the priests in order to give of a sacrifice.  The priests gathered together and told him to leave, and he became angry, but then leprosy began to break out on his face and he decided to leave.

Nothing like a little leprosy breaking out on your face to make you realize that you probably shouldn’t do something that is against God’s will.  What would happen if each of us had a little leprosy break out on our face when we went against God’s will?  This world would probably be a better place if that were to happen.

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