October 21, 2018: Day 71 – Proverbs 29

This chapter tells us that we ought to be an abomination.  It ought to be our goal to be an abomination.  Hmmm, not sure where you are going with this one.  Look at vs.27, the last verse in this chapter, and we are told that the upright are an abomination to the wicked (we also see before this its opposite which is the unjust are an abomination to the righteous).  I guess it is important that we understand that our actions ought to be hated by those who pursue their own selfish motives.  Our perspective ought not to be to find favor in the sight of all people, but rather to find favor in the sight of God and then let the chips fall where they might.  

Let’s look at vs.20 and focus on hasty speech.  We are called to pause and ponder what we say.  As Presbyterians our calling card is that we are creatures who try to do all things decently and in order.  As a result this requires that we do not hurry any process in which we find ourselves.  Tom Martin and I went out today to look at a van that we might consider accepting as a donation for the church.  I told the guy that we were definitely interested but it takes time for us to make a decision on this.  We have a process which cannot be hastened, and when it is sped up, it breaks down.  It is so important that we hear what hasty speech is able to produce.  I think also in terms of marriages and how hasty speech tends to be a mainstay in many families.  We get angry so we lash out.  When we lash out we say things that are hasty.  Listen again to what this Proverbs says about hasty speech: “There is more hope for a fool than for anyone like that.”

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