August 26, 2018: Day 15 – Job 15

Job’s friend, Eliphaz, comes back at him again to make sure that he doesn’t forget that it is God who has created him.  He wants to make sure that Job doesn’t think that he was somehow created in a special way and that God may have broken the mold once he was created.  No, Job, he says, you are just like  the rest of us so why do you think you are special in a way that none of us might be?  

The accusation that is laid at Job’s feet is that he is doing away with the fear of God.  The reason that God has punished him, according to Eliphaz, is because of his pride and his thinking that he was the firstborn of creation.  Job is told that his day has come and he is basically getting what he deserves…but is he really?  Yes, in a way he is getting what we all deserve, but he is not getting it because of his pride or because he thinks he is any more special than the rest of us.  


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