November 11, 2017: Day 82 – Esther 6

Did you get what just happened?  Haman walked into the presence of the King with great plans to hang Mordecai.  The king asks him a question which pertains to honoring someone who is favored by the king and Haman assumes that the King is talking about himself, Haman.  So he comes up with this elaborate plan that he hopes the king will follow through and that he is the one who will be getting all of that honor.  Once he is done telling the king the plan on how to honor the person who is special to the king, it turns out that it is Modecai whom the kind wants to honor.

It is quite amazing how this entire story is intertwined with itself.  The beginning which depicted a Modecai saving the King’s life is now repaid in such a way that will save the entire race of Mordecai, but the king doesn’t know that yet.  I love the support that Haman gets from his wife and friends.  It does remind me so much of Job who as he is suffering his wife and friends tell him to “curse God and die.” (Job 2:9)  The Old Testament is full of not very supportive spouses with Delilah who cuts off the hair of Samson.  We find Abraham who tells people that Sara is his sister so that he could save his life.  Pretty twisted.

But here we find how God is able to arrange the salvation of the Jews from the hands of the evil Haman.  This is able to happen through his servants Modecai and Esther, but I believe I am getting ahead of myself.  For such a time as this…

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