November 12, 2017: Day 83 – Esther 7

And the story comes to a rousing climax.  Hard to imagine any more suspense.  I also am having a hard time imagining Haman’s thoughts as he entered that banquet hall.  Needless to say it was not Haman’s day.  He thought the king was going to honor him, but he ends up having to escort his sworn enemy around the kingdom as a favorite of the king.  At least he had a banquet to go to which the queen was holding just for him and the king.  As things are progressing he is thrown off guard when Esther begins to tell a story in vs.5 which sounds vaguely familiar, but from the opposite side.  King, there is someone who is looking to destroy me and all of my family.  The King, as you would expect, reacts very defensively and can’t imagine who would, especially since Esther could arguably be considered his favorite.  Especially since they have spent the last two days partying with Esther.  Look at vs.2 if you don’t believe it.  Also, find below a video which gives you some insight and history into the festival of Purim which marks this historic triumph of Esther and Mordecai over Haman.

The bravery of Esther comes out as she points out Haman and calls him out.  Haman is wise, he notices that the King is taking Esther’s side so instead of trying to convince the king, he stays and tries to convince Esther, by jumping on her couch!  Not the wisest move because when the king comes back in things don’t look so good.  It seems like Haman is trying to have his way with the queen.  Well, that was the last straw and Haman is hanged and they live happily ever after.  Wait, there are a few more chapters left.  Things continue to get interesting.  

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