February 3, 2019: Day 64 – Isaiah 60

I can’t help but think of this hymn when I read the beginning words of this chapter.  Actually, this is not the hymn, but I keep finding this one when I google the one that I want.

This is actually the one that I want.

The words that go to it correspond to Isaiah 60:1.  It is a song that is pretty much focused on the justice that the Lord will be bringing when he comes back again to take us.  This chapter is a chapter that focuses on the Lord coming back again, but that when he does it will be one of judgment that we do not expect.  

The prophet predicts a day that will come where all the nations will come our way in order to worship the true King.  At that day the Lord will be the everlasting light.  I find it amusing that God says: “In its time I will accomplish it quickly.”   I don’t think I can remember a time  when I felt as if God had done it quickly, but I’m sure there is a time when that was true.  

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