January 4, 2018: Day 10 – Genesis 10

So, what does your genealogy look like?  We will find ourselves faced with a few chapters that contain genealogies and they will be a bit hard to get by as we make our way through the Bible.  Between the Levitical laws and the begats we just might find ourselves bogged down as we make our way out of Genesis after this challenge, but we will soldier on.  We find described here three sons and their descendants.  All of them originating from Noah.  If you were to go to both Matthew and Luke, where we find Jesus’ genealogy, we see that Matthew starts only with Abraham so does not go all the way back.  Luke, on the other hand, does attempt to go all the way back.  Go ahead and read Luke 3 and you will find that Jesus comes from Adam and his son Shem.  

I don’t lose interest in thee genealogies because they provide the context for Jesus’ birth and his real ancestry which grounds Him as one of us.