October 3, 2019: Day 19 – I Samuel 19

So the weird meter just went off if you happened to pick up on this chapter without reading the preceding ones.  Let's get ourselves up to date.  Saul, who is currently reigning as king, is jealous of David because everyone sees him as the hero who killed Goliath.  David, who was anointed king but secretly lest the current king, Saul, find out, is now married to the current king's daughter and has a very deep friendship with the king's son, Jonathan.  This David, as one of you asked me today, is the same David who one day will rape Bathsheba after he sees her bathing on her rooftop.  So, now we should be all caught up. This chapter finds us with both Jonathan and Michal, David's wife, going to bat for David and really saving his life.  Jonathan by convincing his father that David was actually on his side, and Michal by lying on behalf of David and thus giving him the time that he needed to elude the men of Saul.   We end the chapter with Saul sending messengers to capture David after he had teamed up with Samuel, who was still the high priest.   As each wave of messengers come to capture David they are overcome with the Holy Spirit in a good way.  They become messengers of the Lord and they are completely taken up with worshiping the Lord, so much so that they are not able to carry out their duty of capturing David.  After this happens three times the king himself, Saul, goes to see what in the world is going on.  As a result (vs.24): He stripped off his clothes, and he too fell into a frenzy before Samuel.  He lay naked all that day and all that night.  The meter just went to 11. Wouldn't it be amazing to be so caught up in the  Spirit of God that you are really unaware of anything else which is happening around you.  That was the state of the messengers, and then of Saul, as they were caught up in a Holy Spirit frenzy.
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