November 17, 2019: Day 64 – Hosea 9

We find ourselves once again with the image of the prophet marrying the prostitute and the impact that had upon his life which was to be a metaphor for God and the people of Israel.  The unfaithfulness of the people of God is without question and this in turn leads to God abandoning those who were His people.

So this should give us some pause because the God that we know and love did not abandon us when we abandoned Him.  Rather, even while we were yet sinners, even while we decided not to follow Jesus, He went to the cross to die for us.  While this chapter in Hosea speaks of a punishment that will be carried out on the offspring, the glory that we find in our Savior is the hope for redemption and salvation that is offered not only to us, but to all those generations that will  come, to all who hope for His appearing.  So, while Hosea continues to provide a dark and gloomy picture and the sure destruction of the people of  God, we know that is not how the story ends.

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