March 20, 2017: Day 79 – Psalm 79

So this is one of those psalms that if I had to choose this one from which to extract the Call to Worship on Sunday morning it wouldn’t be until the very last verse that I would find something suitable.  We once again find the author speaking through one of the most traumatic times in the nation of Israel, the destruction of the temple.  The detail which we find in this psalm can be disturbing.  We find bodies lying unattended left to rot by the enemy.  We find bodies posted as signs to any who would come near and try to conquer the victors that this too could happen to you.  The author asks the Lord to come to their rescue.  We don’t find that rescue comes about, but at least in vs.13 we find a promise.  God, if you come and rescue us then I promise we will tell our children that you have rescued us.

Wait, hasn’t the Lord rescued them time, after time, after time?  What makes this one time any different from the myriad of times that God has come and taken Israel close to his bosom and said: You are my people?  Why would Israel forget what God has done in the past right in the midst of a time when they need to remember it the most.  Isn’t it true that in the midst of crisis we forget the good that God has done for us.  It is in that time when we need to remember it the most.  

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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    You are correct, in the midst of those troubles is when we need to remember that God will rescue us, however, I think it is because we are human, that we need this reminder so often. Our human sinful nature guides us to think negatively unless we are constantly reminded that God will always be there for us. Thank you Lord for your words and that reminder.

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