February 27, 2017: Day 58 – Psalm 58

For some reason when I read this psalm this scene comes to mind:

It is probably inappropriate for a pastor to place this scene on his blog, especially since there are two words which would be considered as not being the type of words I would use in my common speech.

But I think the reason I think of this clip is that the writer goes on a long list of things that he hopes God would do to his enemies.  The list almost goes to the point of being a bit silly, and maybe even exaggerated.  Listen to this list: break their teeth, tear out their fangs, make them vanish like water, let them wither like trampled grass, let them dissolve like a snail who dissolves into slime, and I want to add: We are the knights who say NEE.

That is quite a listing.  And he tops it off by saying that he looks forward to sitting on the edge of the wall and dipping his feet in the blood of his enemies as it flows by.  I guess we do all find our beach.  It keeps getting a bit sillier and sillier.  But doesn’t the last sentence really remind us of what we are feeling in those situations?  We want there to be a reward for the righteous, well, that is as long as we are the righteous.  We want our enemies to suffer and die and become slime, as long as our enemies are not ourselves.  But in the end, we know that God is the judge and even our desires and our wishes and our understanding of what is right and wrong can only be held up to the light of God’s kingdom.  Once we do that, well, then things probably change.

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