July 26, 2019: Day 90 – Haggai 2

We find ourselves with the Lord speaking directly to the leaders of the people, Zerubbabel who was the governor of Judah, and Joshua who was the high priest.  They were basically the two most influential and important people in the land of Israel.  He begins speaking with them in vs.4 in the same exact way that we see it depicted in I Chronicles 28:20 where David speaks to Solomon as he is about to build the temple and says: "Be strong and of good courage, and act.  Do not be afraid or dismayed; for the Lord  God, my God, is with you."  In the same way the Lord says to Zerubbabel and to Joshua, and we also see to all the people of Israel who were gathered: "Now take courage...for I am with you."   What a great way to leave this 90 Day Challenge with these words from our Lord who tells us in our big and small projects, whether we are building the temple or trying to fill the usher list for Sunday, "Take courage for I am with you."  I want this to be your mantra as you make your way through life these days.  Don't allow the cultural message of fear and anxiety pervade your style of life so that all of your decision making is impacted and affected by a fear of what could be.  Allow it to be directed by the promise of what will be given to us by our Savior: Take courage for I am with you. As a result of that promise the people of Israel were able to face their future in the midst of just returning from captivity to rebuild their nation to a point of the Lord saying that He would overthrow all of their enemies.  When we face life with the courage and the confidence that the Lord instills within us then we do not need to fear, we do not need to wonder "what if?", we simply need to live our lives to the fulfillment of what God has in store for us.  Let's do that together in community.  See you next 90 Day Challenge and thanks for following!
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