Day 125 – February 12, 2024: I Chronicles 11-15 and Psalm 28

We continue to see a repeat of the stories that we have heard in Kings which describes the relationship between David and Saul and which is very fraught. Upon the death of Saul David takes over and takes on wives, priority #1, moves the ark of the covenant, priority #2, and establishes himself definitively, priority #3. He may have had his priorities wrong, but he does listen to the Word of the Lord and even takes the advice of God on military matters. These chapters are meant to solidify who David was and the authority with which he governs.

Psalm 28 provides another opportunity to hear the assurances that the Lord will always be our strength and our shield. This assurance, this promise which we heard in Psalm 28, seems to be impingent upon, however, our faithfulness. A bit of a dangerous proposition, but one that we see repeated over and over again in Scripture. God’s love for us has no limits. But our sins do have repercussion.

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