April 23, 2020: Day 82 – II Kings 24

In this chapter we find ourselves at the end of the existence of Judah before they are carried away to captivity to Babylon.  Remember that earlier Israel, the north, had been taken away to Assyria  and now God was taking away the people of the south.  If you notice the sins of Manasseh are always lifted up as the reason for why God acted in a way that did not protect the people of Jerusalem.  If you look at vs.3 you see the reason for why Babylon was given "permission" to take the people of Jerusalem away to Babylon. 

Notice also in vs.13 that Babylon then carries away all of the items that were found in the temple, which probably included the ark of the covenant, if you were interested.  But notice that because Jehoiachin surrenders quickly Jerusalem is spared.  Even though the temple is looted it is not destroyed, at least not yet.  That comes later on.  Zedekiah is then put in power by the king of Babylon over Johoiachin, who was carried away to Babylon with his family.  

If you look at vs.20 you see that God actually "expelled" the people from his presence.  His presence would have been Jerusalem, so we see that the people of God are kicked out of Jerusalem because God simply does not want them around.  

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