May 23, 2021: Day 78 – Amos 9

The day of the Lord, what we would call the second coming of Christ, is always a day that we much anticipate.  Although here, Amos describes the day of the Lord, the day when God will come to judge, as one that is not really something we should wish for.  God describes it as a day of destruction and a day when things will be shook and the pillars will fall and be broken down.  Those who are not killed by the collapse will be killed by the sword of God.

Throughout this entire chapter we find ourselves wondering who can escape the day of God's coming?  But then we see a transition in vs.11.  This is also a great way to end our Challenges.  As we have made our way through the entire Scripture over these last five years we have learned so much, and primarily we have learned that the authority in which we find in Scripture is one that we do not have a choice to overlook.  

Starting in vs.11 we see good news proclaimed that God will not entirely forget the people of Israel.  God will repair the breaches and raise up the ruins.  God will not allow Israel to fall completely into ruin and disappear from the history of the earth.  In fact, vs.15 states that the time is coming when they shall never be plucked up out of the land that I have given them.  We are currently living in a time when just over the past 75 years Israel finds itself as a nation.  That is a drop in the bucket of time.  Who knows how history will evolve and if that promise has come true now, or if it is reserved for a future time?  

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2 Responses to May 23, 2021: Day 78 – Amos 9

  1. Sally Reinhart says:

    Thanks Pastor Bob for another “challenge” and your guidance through the Bible and your words of wisdom.

  2. Kathleen Barge says:

    Thank you for another challenge and the opportunity to learn all we can from the teachings of the Bible.

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