November 28, 2020: Day 98 – Ezekiel 46

We take a bit of a severe turn in this chapter as we find regulations that have to be followed in regards to offerings and steps that the “prince”, remember the one who was anointed to be the representative of the Lord, what we would call the high priest, had to do in order to ensure his legacy.  If I am reading this right, and I can never assume that I am, whenever the high priest makes a gift it has limitations.  See if I read this right, if he gives a gift to his sons, then it stays.  It is okay, they can keep that gift.  If he gives a gift to one of his servants, then they are able to keep that gift until the seventh year, then it reverts back to the sons, or back to the prince.  Not a whole lot of financial security in that deal.  

Notice how there is also a limitation on how often and when people are able to enter the temple.  For six days they are to stay out, and then the gate will be opened on the Sabbath.  It fits well into the whole sabbath perspective where on that day you rest, but it is a rest where you are to pursue a wholeness of life which God has promised we can embrace if we would follow him.  There is some truth and some benefit to focusing our time together on the sabbath as a time that we plan and coordinate for the rest of the week.  

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