May 31, 2019: Day 34 – Deuteronomy 34

The story of Moses comes to an end, and what a story it has been.  Think about him being born and laid in a basket in the Nile, then growing up in Pharaoh’s house, then running away and tending sheep until a burning bush told him to do something else.  He confronted Pharaoh and brought down the plagues from God, then led the people through the Red Sea, got the 10 commandments and shattered the golden calf.  He wandered with them for 40 years, and now just on this side of the promised land, he dies.  What a life, what a story, what a person of God.

Modern day Jordan is the site of where Moses was buried, and as the text states, no one knows the exact location.  He was unequaled, he saw God face to face.  There are those who believe that he wrote the first five books of the Bible, I’m not necessarily one of those, simply because I know that back in his day things were not written down in the same way that we write things down.  It was mostly oral tradition that was passed on from generation to generation.  But many within the Christian world do attribute to Moses the writing of the Pentateuch.

Regardless, he was a man of faith that made mistakes.  I like that about people in the Bible.

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